Solar wax melter

Wax melting using the sun’s rays is the most economical and effective method of obtaining beeswax. The solar melter manufactured in our company is a proven design. Beekeepers have used similar devices for many years. Our melter easily holds up to 9 frames in the basket. The basket in which we put frames is prepared for all frames. The melter is made entirely of 0.6mm thick stainless steel. The body is insulated with mineral wool (the same as used in fireplaces) 3 cm thick. The cover has a glass made of solid polycarbonate 4mm thick. Polycarbonate is covered with a UV filter that protects it from clouding under the influence of sunlight. The infrared transmission for solid polycarbonate is 10% higher than that of chamber polycarbonate.

The price of the solar melter is 650,- EUR including 23% VAT.