About us

The main activity of our company is IT and sales of fiscal devices. The owners have been involved in amateur beekeeping for several years. In 2019, we opened a store for beekeepers in which we sell equipment from Polish manufacturers. We offer products of the following companies: Adamek, Kokoszka, Łysoń, Sułkowski, Wyrobek.

This year we are introducing our own products. The first device we manufacture is a solar wax melter. The exact description and photos of the melter can be found in the “Solar wax melter” tab. In April we will launch another device. It will be a large steam wax melter.

We currently sell only in a stationary store at the headquarters of our company in Łaziska Górne. Mail order sale is possible after determining the shipping rules and its cost. This should be determined by phone or e-mail.